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Trash & Recycling

Trash Pickup

Regular household trash, co-mingled recyclables, and recyclable yard waste are picked up every Thursday.

Garbage cans next to old brick wall

Every Thursday

All materials must be put roadside and may be collected any time after 7:00 a.m. Recyclable materials include mixed paper; clear, green and brown glass containers; aluminum, bi-metal, and steel cans; clear or colored plastic bottles with and without necks and other plastic containers such as yogurt and cottage cheese.

Please empty and rinse all containers. Tops/lids may be recycled as well. Recycling containers are available by calling the Town Office at 301-926-2256. Mixed paper includes newspaper, magazines, cardboard, telephone books, office paper and unwanted mail. Mixed paper may be combined together and placed in paper bags and/or small cardboard boxes. Newspapers may be bundled and tied and empty cardboard boxes should be flattened and tied. The Town has two (2) special collections a year for pick up of furniture, appliances and other bulk items. Notice of these pickups will appear in the Town Bulletin.


Recycle Pickup Every THURSDAY with Trash.
[Recycle Flyer]

Please put all recyclable’s including mixed paper and recyclable yard waste by the road on Thursdays by 7 a.m. For missed pickups call Kathy Lehman 301-926-2256 or email her at [email protected].

  • The use of reusable containers with the County sticker is limited to grass clippings and leaves.
  • Yard waste is NOT collected during December, January and February.


Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phone books, office & computer paper, newspaper inserts, unwanted mail and paperback books.

Recycle Bin

Recycled Materials

Because our recyclables are taken to the Montgomery County Transfer Station, the Town of Washington Grove’s recycling requirements/restrictions are the same as Montgomery County. Please click on the link below for further details about recycling of glass, plastic, cans, mixed paper and cardboard.

[Montgomery County Solid Waste]

GLASS* All clear, green and brown glass bottles and jars NO mirror or window glass NO light bulbs NO drinking glasses, cups, plates, ceramics NO broken bottles or jars
CANS* All aluminum and steel food and beverage cans, aluminum foil products NO pots, pans, tubing, furniture, siding, etc. NO automotive parts
PLASTIC*All clear or colored plastic bottles WITH NECKS NO plastic containers (margarine, yogurt) NO containers which have contained toxic or hazardous materials such as motor oil, antifreeze or lawn and garden chemicals NO Styrofoam or plastic wrap
MIXED PAPERNewspapers Magazines/Catalogs Corrugated cardboard Cereal and other boxes Telephone books Newspaper inserts Unwanted mail Paperback books All other clean and dry paper


Flatten all empty boxes. Once boxes are flat they should be tied with twine in a bundle not larger than 3 feet by 3 feet and not thicker than 6 inches in height for each bundle. Acceptable materials can be combined together and placed in paper bags and/or small cardboard boxes.

  • Packing material such as styrofoam or plastic
  • Food soiled paper such as plastic or wax coated liners, pizza boxes
  • Wax paper, carbon paper, hard-backed books, beverage containers like milk or juice cartons
  • Paper or cardboard contaminated with paint, chemicals, kitty litter, water or anything else
  • Foil gift wrap, paper towels, napkins or tissues


Greg Silber

Kathy Lehman


Bulk Trash Collection 10.20

Mark your calendars! The Town has scheduled a bulk trash collection for Saturday, October 20, 2018. Materials may include furniture, appliances (nothing with freon like air conditioning units), rugs, large toys, small auto parts, etc. Material may NOT include...

Trial Installation of Speed Bumps on Chestnut Road

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Grove Adult Tennis July 2018

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