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Love the sun but not the heat in your house? Here are some ideas that may help lower your air conditioning use:

🌞 Open windows when you can let the cooler night air flow in and the hot air escape. Then, close things up tightly as soon as the heat hits your house.

🌞 Manage your drapes, shades, and blinds: close everything up on the sunny side of your house to block all that heat. Reopen when the sun shifts away from your windows.

🌞 Ceiling fans can keep you comfortable and lessen the need for air conditioning. Here’s a tip:  In the summer, set your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise, causing a nifty breeze from the downdraft. In the winter, set your ceiling fans to turn clockwise, gently circulating the toasty air and warming the room.

🌞 If you have the option in your home, spend more time (even sleeping) on the lower, cooler levels.

Visit the Sustainability Committee web page for information on how to cut your carbon emissions.

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