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Mayor Compton reviewed a number of revisions on pages 2, 10, and 11proposed by the Woods Committee and Christine Dibble, which addressed whether any fence poles should be cemented in place, and Town supervision of fence installation. Language was adjusted to request vendor recommendations.

Discussion included observations from a revisit to the Dog Park site by Woods Committee, Dog Park Committee and Town officials. Trees to keep have been marked, and the advisability and options were reviewed for clearing all other vegetation from the site prior to vendor bidding.

Rob Gilmore moved to approve the revised RFP. Charlie Challstrom seconded the motion.
Vote: 6-0, RFP approved for solicitation.

Additional Action: The Mayor was authorized, per Steve Werts’ recommendation, to engage Myers Tree Service to clear the site. The work was estimated to require much less than a day’s labor and will be performed in conjunction with tree work already planned.

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