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The Mayor and Council reviewed specifications and installation descriptions on pages 10 & 11, especially the clearing of a 4-foot width of ground for fence installation and cementing fence posts in the ground. The Woods Committee requested additional time to provide advice and comment. Discussion followed:

  • Would the clearing be done by volunteers, the fence contractor, or someone other than the contractor?
  • Specifics for the double-gate entry.
  • Noting the ability for deer to jump the proposed 5ft. fence.
  • Adding a disclaimer to the Rules about the 5’ fence height and owner’s responsibilities if their dog is a jumper.
  • Adjusting fence boundaries to accommodate clearing of a 4 ft. swath for installation of the fence and gate area.
  • The advisability of pre-clearing before companies come out to look at the area.

Action: Revisions to the RFP will be considered at the December Town Council Meeting. In the interim Co-Chair Mary Warfield will coordinate with the Dog Park Group members and Co-Chair Pat Klein will coordinate with the Woods Committee members to set a date for a walk-through to resolve issues. Advance notice will be distributed to the Town Council.

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