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The EPSC met on March 28th to discuss the following topics.

Streetlights Update: A new streetlight fixture was installed on the Town side of the Railroad Street crosswalk to the MARC/RideOn station, but the light was not yet operating. (NOTE April 8th: The streetlight is now working).

Deer Management Update: A Town ordinance amendment to allow for town-authorized deer management bow hunting sessions is with conditions has been proposed. The EPSC discussed what safety issues should be considered. A public hearing for the proposed Town ordinance is scheduled for Monday, April 8, 2019 prior to the Town Council meeting.

House Number Signs: The EPSC reiterated plans to compile examples of house number signs to display at the Annual Town Meeting in May, with an emphasis on visibility of the house numbers.

EPSC Recommendations for Town Council Agenda:
1. Railroad Street Safety Risk – There is continued soil erosion at the edge of the pavement at the highest portion of Railroad Street where turning vehicles exit the bridge. This represents a significant safety risk for vehicles, such as school busses, that could result in a vehicle sliding or rolling off the pavement down towards Brown Street. Engineering solutions will likely be needed to stabilize and shore up the road, but will have impacts on nearby trees on Town property. The EPSC recommends initiating a County/Town joint exploration of this risk and solutions.

2. Brown Street Gate Replacement – There are safety risk and hazard for pedestrians and bicyclists going around the power pole near the red gate closing Brown Street near Hickory Road. The EPSC suggests the red gate be replaced with bollards and/or posts on Brown Street to permit safer pedestrian and bicycle passage, and recommends a Town Council decision on emergency need before replacement options are further explored.

The next EPSC meeting is Thursday, April 25, 2019

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