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The EPC met on October 25, 2018 and discussed the following topics.

The Town received approval from the Maryland Historical Trust to install the Generac generator for the Town Hall.

The EPC provided input to the Montgomery County’s Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security for updates on the County Hazard Mitigation Plan. Input included requesting MC’s replacement of a pipe under Railroad Street to facilitate stormwater drainage from Morgan Park. Once MC adopts an updated plan, municipalities are expected to adopt it to remain eligible for FEMA disaster relief and grants.

The EPC finalized its draft language for submission to the Town’s 2019 Master Plan with respect to responsibility for risk management oversight. This would clarify that the EPC will advise the Mayor and the Council regarding risk management including development and update of risk control procedures.
The Committee continued reviewing its draft “Town of Washington Grove Risk Management and Safety Procedures” document compiled using material from the Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT). The updated risk management oversight language will be reflected in this procedures document as the next draft version is prepared.

A traffic safety ‘line of sight at street intersections’ was discussed. Specifically, shrub overgrowth at the Grove Road-Brown Street intersection hinders line of sight for drivers with risk to pedestrians and vehicles. EPC members planned to meet on November 4th to evaluate other visual obstructions at Town intersections and street signs. Traffic safety at the intersection of Chestnut Road and Railroad Street also was discussed noting that Montgomery County is responsible for traffic signs along Railroad Street.

The EPC noted safety improvements for the Brown Street gate area near Hickory Road. There was uncertainty on the key status and how the gate can be opened in an emergency situation. Lift-out bollards could be a safer alternative for pedestrians and bicyclists. Town maintenance will be consulted. The utility pole guy-wire near the gate was noted as a safety hazard. The EPC ordered yellow guy wire protectors for this location and for another along Brown Street near Pine Ave.
The next EPC meeting will be on November 29, 2018.

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