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Next Meeting: Wed, August 12, 2020; 7:30 p.m.
The public is invited to attend this virtual meeting via ZOOM.
Meeting access: Residents and the public may access By dialing in to: 301-715-8592 using Meeting ID: 781 347 688 and following the audio instructions.
OR by joining the Zoom videoconference at: https://zoom.us/j/781347688

We will be starting our fall meetings earlier than usual to discuss the reforestation of Grove Avenue. WSSC will be doing significant work on sewer mains and laterals along Grove Avenue in August. We will review the proposed work and discuss remediation and enhancement of this historically important area. All are welcome!

Ambrosia Borer Beetle Is Here
Forestry and Beautification recently consulted Davey Tree Experts concerning the rapid decline and death of several trees in Town. The investigation alerted us to the presence of Ambrosia borer beetle. The beetle attacks weakened trees; one possible cause could be the very wet Spring weather for the last two or three years). The Ambrosia Borer was accidentally imported in some peach trees in North Carolina that had arrived from China in 1974. It has since spread across the US causing millions of dollars in plant loss. Once F&B became aware of the problem it was decided to remove the affected trees as soon as possible.

Identifying affected trees is relatively easy, the beetle leaves distinctive traces, and in some cases a boring dust straw poking out of the drilled hole. In wet weather the dust is just visible in the tree bark. A slide show with excellent photos and information is available from the University of Maryland Extension at: https://extension.umd.edu/sites/extension.umd.edu/files/_docs/programs/ipmnet/2017%20Ambrosia%20beetle%20talk%20-%20Stanton%20Gill.pdf
Forestry and Beautification would like to encourage every Town resident to examine the trees on their own property and when walking through the residential areas and Woods. If evidence is noticed please contact a member of F&B (for residential area) and the Woods Committee for both East and West Woods.

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