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Forestry and Beautification celebrated Arbor Day on May 27 with a cleaning project in Morgan Park at the Town entrance. Three new hellebores were installed next to the Town entrance sign and extensive pruning was done by our volunteers in the wooded area of Morgan Park between Grove Road and Chestnut Road.

The spring tree planting season saw the installation of a large American Beech tree in Woodward Park next to Grove Road. This went in by tree spade – an impressive process documented in photographs by Betsy Klinger on the Town Facebook page. If you haven’t yet viewed this site, do check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/53357803032/. Betsy’s post was on May 10. In addition, two pink dogwoods and two chokecherry bushes were installed by Stadler Nursery at various locations in Morgan Park and Woodward Park.

The Forestry and Beautification Committee is now on summer hiatus. Our next meeting will be on the second Wednesday of August (8/9/17) in the Council Room as we make plans for fall tree planting. Please join us then!

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