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Calling all past, current and new members of the “Maple Lake Muskrat Band & Marching Society of Washington Grove”…young and old! We are just a little over a week away from July 4th and it’s time to dust off that old wind, brass or percussive instrument and join the Washington Grove Muskrat Band for the July 4th Festivities 2015! To join our musical marching merriment, shoot me an e-mail off line or give me a ring and you’re in.

Here’s the ongoing Muskrat plan: On Saturday, July 4th, we will get together at 10:30 a.m. at the Briggs’ house (across form the tennis courts in Washington Grove) to rehearse. Then, we’ll march over to the flagpole at noon for the Star Spangled Banner and on to the Town Hall, Yankee Doodling all the way.

There are more high spirits than high expectations, so please don’t be discouraged if that old band instrument has been doing nothing but collecting dust for a few decades. You supply the instrument and enthusiasm and we’ll supply the music and welcoming arms. You’re just what we’re looking for to make The Washington Grove Muskrat Band a success! We look forward to hearing from you and playing with you! Be sure to grab a friend or two!

Muskratingly yours,
Eric Selby ([email protected])
home: (301) 963-7073 mobile: (703) 203-8100

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