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All Grovers are invited to boldly go to this year’s Holiday Spectacular: “Grove Trek, a Holideck Parody Musical”, stardate, Saturday, December 12, 7:30 pm in McCathran Hall.  This year, we weave together, Trekdom, time travel, Washington Grove lore, and holiday music & dance into a gala evening of entertainment!!  Come as your favorite Trek character if you like, and be prepared to laugh, sing, and enjoy!!
The Recreation Committee is happy to invite everyone to stay after the Holiday Show for refreshments.

Halloween KUDOS!

And a huge shoutout to Emily Brown, Emily Cavey, Sam Beres, Bruce Rothrock, et al. for arranging the kids’ round-the-clock Halloween Festival which included pumpkin carving and a post trick or treat movie to the sleepover! Dracula would be proud.

Who WAS Super Grove This Year?

Oops…. remember back when the weather was warm and people were racing and running and biking all over Town? Who won the coveted title of Super Grove? It was SPENCER SAAR! BIG (belated) congratulations to Spencer for doing it all and doing it well!!

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