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(from Mayor John Compton)

Guiding Montgomery County into the Future: the General Plan to be Updated.
Thrive Montgomery 2050 – the update to the County’s General Plan – has begun. This effort will lead to a new policy document that will guide the County’s future over the next 30 years. Together, we’ll determine how to manage the coming growth in population and address the challenges and opportunities presented by increasing technological, social, environmental and economic changes. This important planning effort will determine what we want our community to be in the decades ahead, so we can create the future we want.

There will be many opportunities for us to get involved with this process over the next two years, beginning June 26 with “Thrive Week”. For more information about the General Plan update, and “Thrive Week”, visit ThriveMontgomery.com .

Shady Grove Metro Sector Master Plan “Minor” Amendment?
There is a Minor Amendment review of the Shady Grove Sector Master Plan in progress. The allowed Stage 1 limit on units permitted for development has been reached. One major intent of this review is examine to what extent transportation improvements now required to begin Stage 2 build-out can be adjusted or bypassed! At a public meeting two weeks ago, a thorough analysis of the current transportation situation was reviewed (slide data available from me upon request). This compilation is ground work for projecting future transportation numbers to be presented at the next public meeting in June. Other changes to the Master Plan may be proposed. If this matters to you, consider attending and getting involved!

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