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Switching to Energy Choice
These listed Washington Grove neighbors have switched their electricity supplier. Each household estimates savings between $45 and $235 per year, and their electricity is coming from State-verified renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. It’s easy to choose an electricity supplier and save money while helping to protect our climate. Will you join them?

Beres/Chang & Hodges/Williams & Blake & Klinger & Booher & Myers/Clark & Bolotin/Fassett  &  Mroczka & Cavenagh  & Patrone & Cole/Kawasaki & Philips/Shapiro & Cosson & Seiferlein/Frederiksen & Dibble/Land & Sisson & French &  Temple & Helme

Need advice or help in making the switch? Call any of these neighbors, or view our recent presentation on the Maryland Electric Choice Program. If you do switch electricity supplier, please let us know by sending a note to Bob Booher at [email protected] or Tom Land at [email protected]. Thanks!

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