301-926-2256 [email protected]

As the coronavirus starts its retreat, Washington Grove Cares will resume more of our previous activities, helping to build community and support neighbors in our treasured Town within a Forest.

We can still arrange for help with grocery or pharmacy shopping, but we’ll also find rides and bring meals, when those are needed. Maybe you just need a hand with an inaccessible light bulb or an intractable computer. Someone in the neighborhood probably has just the right ladder or sledgehammer.

Often requests appear on the Google Group listserv, but many residents don’t subscribe to it. We want to be sure to leave no Grover behind!

If you have a request, please call Kathie Evans at 301-869-7816, or send an email to [email protected]. Another way to make a request is through forms on our website at washingtongrovecares.org . Our website also hosts Betsy Klinger’s ever-useful lists of professionals and restaurants recommended by town residents.

When McCathran Hall reopens, watch for new speakers sharing their expertise or passions in our irregular series “What’s My Line? Grovers Revealed!”

The small steering committee of Washington Grove Cares seeks new members. We’d love to hear your ideas about maintaining the neighborhood’s support network, strengthening connections, and including everyone. Call Kathie at 301-869-7816. We promise that meetings are few and camaraderie is ample.

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