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We hope everyone is staying safe and keeping well. Read about the Masker Aider Project and see a few reminders below from Washington Grove Cares (WGC).

MaskerAider Project
The project to sew cloth masks by town residents for Grovers who need them has been a resounding success. Christine Dibble conceived this project and carried it out, with the help of numerous mask makers. You can see the results in the bright, colorful cloth masks worn by folks as they take their daily constitutionals around Town.

The MaskerAider project created and distributed more than 100 masks to Grovers. A special thank you to master seamstresses, Kathleen McCann, Lisa Kokes, Lauren Kingsland, Charlene McClelland, Mary Warfield, Joan Mahaffey, Liz Robertson, and Paige Chesney (Turner), and to Mimi Wong, who donated 100 masks that she obtained from a company in California. Contact Christine if your mask needs re-fitting or repair: [email protected]

Coordinating Shopping Trips During the COVID 19 Epidemic
Working together, we can reduce the total number of trips between the Grove and groceries/pharmacies and help neighbors at the same time.

Impromptu grocery/pharmacy trips
If you are going to a particular grocery store/pharmacy and can pick up items for others, consider posting a message to the listserv ([email protected]) hours before or even the night before you head out. Mention which store you plan to visit and list your phone number so neighbors can contact you before emailing requests.

Regularly Scheduled Grocery Trips
Two volunteers have offered to shop for others at regular times each week; contact them directly.

Mondays at 8 am (contact by Sun. 5 pm) Whole Foods, MOM’s, or Aldi’s
Call or text Caitlin Bethepu at 414-208-8661

Wednesday evenings (contact by Wed. noon) and Saturdays, early morning (contact by Fri. 5 pm) Giant
Call or text Paul Boynton at 301-367-7830, or email [email protected]

Other shopping delivery options

  • Instacart service (Instacart.com) delivers orders from various local grocery stores.
  • Giant (Crabbs Branch) pharmacy has curbside pickup and delivers prescriptions by mail; CVS (Rockville) has drive through service for pick ups and mails prescription drugs.

If You Don’t Regularly Read the Washington Grove Listserv…
We want to make sure that all Grovers have access to information about WGC activities and resources. Since announcements about these activities (for example, volunteer shopping) are typically made via the town listserv, if you don’t regularly read the listserv you may miss them. If you want to be sure to receive these announcements, contact Betsy Klinger ([email protected]) to have your name added to an email list created for this purpose.

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