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Helping Kids and Helping Their Families…

It’s Graduation Time at the Local Shelters

On June 17th, the Club will be helping the Seneca Heights Shelter celebrate the accomplishments of all their kids and their families and friends by providing an assortment of ice cream for all.

This year of distance learning has been hard on all kids, but it’s been especially hard for those living in our local Shelters. Despite the odds, 11 of them are graduating and moving up a level. 5 are finishing kindergarten and we will give each a coloring book and a box of crayons. 3 are finishing elementary school and will get Mad Libs, mechanical pencils, and other small gifts. 2 are finishing middle school and will get gel pens, coloring books and other small gifts.

Most exciting of all is one girl who is graduating from high school, and who we will gift with a canvas tote bag and a wallet with a $25 gift certificate to Target, surely to come in handy for her full scholarship to UMBC! We’re so proud of all of them!

If you would like to contribute to this event, note that your check is for Ice Cream, or for Shelter Projects.

Little Things for the Archway Kids
We are also providing end-of-schoolyear and graduation presents for the kids in the Archway program. Unlike traditional shelters, these families live independently in their own apartments which are provided by the Archway program. Six (6) of the families have a total of 13 children, and as a new project this year, we are providing small gifts like toys, packages of crackers, fruit snacks, goldfish crackers and cookies for their social worker to take to the kids when she visits. We would love contributions from the Town, which you can drop off, or if you want to give a check, mark it for Archway or for Shelter Projects.

Tots to Teens…Kids in Need of Underwear
Thanks to the generosity of our Town, we’ve been able to donate many pair of underwear for tots to teens, boys and girls. Because of us, many of the least fortuante of the children have underwear. Over the years, we have developed resources to purchasing these and ensuring that we are providing for each group, so more than any other project, we ask primarily for monetary donations to help in providing these needed items. The need continues, so please, if this pulls at your heart strings, mark checks for this project for Kids Underwear.

We’re Helping Out Where SNAP Leaves Off
As the desperate needs of those around us continue, we are collecting some of the much-needed items that SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) doesn’t pay for. We recently provided some of these much-needed items to the apartment residents of the Archway program.

Donations are appreciated, or if you would rather give us a check for please note that it’s for SNAP Plus.

  • Similac – especially the blue boxes of powder
  • Pedialyte – any flavor
  • Diapers – sizes 3 and up
  • Diaper wipes
  • Toilet paper
  • Feminine hygiene products

Where to Drop Off Your Donations
Monetary donations should be made out to the Woman’s Club with a notation in the Memo line if you want it to go towards a specific project. All donations can be dropped off either in the boxes on the Clubhouse porch or in the painted can on Wendy Weisbard’s porch at 119 Grove Road.

An Encore Presentation…
For those of us who missed Tom Land’s recent Zoom presentation, he will give an encore at our June 17th Woman’s Club’s Zoom meeting. A link will be sent out before the 7:00 PM meeting.

Maryland Electricity Choice Program – Save Money and Protect Our Climate
Residents in Washington Grove can choose their electricity supplier to save money and to select electricity generated from renewable sources, such as wind and solar. Since 2004, households in Maryland have been able to choose a contract for their electricity supplier through the state-regulated competitive market. Tom Land will show how to navigate the selection of an electric supplier using on-line resources. It is easy to choose an electricity supplier!

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