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Because Wikispaces is closing down, our Town’s shared wisdom about local professionals and tradespeople and restaurants had to be moved. Washington Grove Cares has made these recommendation lists easily accessible to all on its website at www.washingtongrovecares.org.

The list of area professionals and tradespersons (formerly called “Local Folks”) is already posted and is categorized by type of service. We’ll let you know when the Local Restaurants list is posted. Recommendations have been gathered by Betsy Klinger from the Yahoo Listserv over the last 10 years. They are current through last week. Thanks, Betsy! If you don’t participate in the listserv, you can still make recommendations by contacting Betsy.

Finally, for you or someone you know: The Maryland Office on Aging has begun a state-wide program for people over 65 who want to receive an automated daily check on their wellness. If you register, you would receive a daily phone call at a time you designate. If the call is not answered, it will be tried again twice. If those calls also go unanswered, the system will notify your chosen emergency contact person. For more information, See https://aging.maryland.gov or call 800-243-3425

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