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Tai Chi Sessions and Yoga Classes

Tai Chi Sessions

Tai chi sessions led by Claire Rosser are held every Wednesday morning in or just outside the Town Hall.  We try to meet outside whenever it’s nice out, and exact times depend on the daily temperatures: In summer, we meet as early as 9:30 am to stay out of the heat; in spring and fall, we meet at 10:30 or 11 am.  Contact Christine Dibble to find out the current time for sessions.

The sessions are free.  Note that the sessions involve a minimum of instruction; participants follow along with Claire.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing that does not constrict your movement and stable shoes that promote balance (can you stand on one foot in your shoes?).  Layers are good, as the temperature outside or in the hall can fluctuate.

Tai chi practice helps increase balance, reduce stress, and focus, and can improve strength, flexibility and aerobic conditioning.  We practice the Yang style of tai chi.  Yang is often considered the most popular form of tai chi and is the most widely practiced across the globe today.  Founded by Yang Lu-Ch’an in the mid-1800s, Yang tai chi focuses on improving flexibility via grand, sweeping movements that are executed in a slow and graceful motion, instead of the quick fast movements associated with other tai chi styles.  Yang tai chi is considered accessible and ideal for all ages and fitness levels, which is likely why it’s so popular.  In each class, we run through the 88-step-long Yang tai chi form sequence three times.  Learn about the sequence of movements, and watch a video of the 88-step long form sequence here.


Christine Dibble
[email protected]

Yoga Classes

Note that during periods of social distancing due to Covid, yoga classes may not be held. Please contact Terry Strother to determine the schedule for upcoming classes.

Yoga classes taught by Grove resident Terry Strother are held weekly in the Town Hall.  The classes, designed for students interested in a traditional hatha yoga class, provide a comprehensive, balanced practice with a steady flow, short relaxation between poses, and guided instruction.  The class meets on Tuesdays from 7 – 8:30 pm and the fee is $10 per class.

The classes are not exercise classes, as ‘exercise’ tends to give the idea of a practice done with quick movements and a measure of strain. Yoga “asanas” simply mean poses that give one steadiness and comfort. In addition to asanas, there is a period of deep relaxation, some breathing practices and a brief meditation.

The intention of this open class is to practice yogic tools for self-care in a nurturing environment. The methods for relieving the effects of stress through yoga are simple, but very effective. First time students are welcome. Please let the instructor know if you are attending a yoga class for the very first time and/or have any physical limitations or concerns.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that does not constrict your movement. Layers are good, as the temperature in the hall can fluctuate. Please bring a thick (non-stick) yoga or pilates mat and a blanket for deep relaxation. You may also want to bring a pillow for under your knees when lying on the floor and a water bottle.

Got questions? Contact Terry at 240-631-2759 or [email protected]. Terry taught at the Integral Yoga Institute in NYC before moving to Washington Grove, and is certified to teach, in addition to hatha classes, prenatal and postpartum yoga, infant massage and therapeutic yoga. She has experience working in hospital settings with cancer and heart patients.


Terry Strother
[email protected]

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