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Building Permit Worksheet



This worksheet was designed to help both the applicant and the Planning Commission.
Questions may be directed to the Planning Commission Chairman.

  • Application
  • Copy of review by Historic Preservation Commission (if applicable)
  • Bond (if necessary)
  • Survey (Boundary Survey for Major permit; Location Drawing for Minor permit)
  • Construction Drawings (final set, identical to those submitted to Montgomery County)
  • Set Back Distances Clearly Marked in Feet:
    Front (from Avenue/Street/Lane/Road/Circle)__________
    Side (Left)__________
    Side (Right)__________
    Total of Both Sides__________
  • Square Footage:
    Rear Lot (when applicable)__________
    Existing Footprint__________
    Proposed Footprint__________
  • Enclosed Space:
    Current Enclosed Space__________
    Proposed Enclosed Space__________
  • Building/Structure Height (from ground to peak):
    Corner 1 Left Front__________
    Corner 2 Right Front__________
    Corner 3 Right Rear__________
    Corner 4 Left Rear__________
    Number of Stories__________
  • Fence Requirements:
    Height Facing Private Property__________
    Height Facing Public Property__________
    Distance from Center of Intersection__________
  • Notes:
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