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Lot and Block » Lots 10-11, Block 8 Old Lot 42 or 43?, Block R
Name »
Built » in 19th c. Assessment records indicate 1875
Built by »
Style »
Owner(s) » J W StClair, c1886 (#118) M D Peck, c1892 (#301) Maggie H Peck, c1900 (#536) L Cabell Williamson, c1903 (#615) Lot 11 Elmon AA Cook, c1903-at least 1946 (#615) Jane D. Keener, 1953 (liber 1837 folio 245) Elizabeth H. Keener, 22 January 1969 (liber ? folio 897) Joseph E Stolz, Jr., 26 June 1978 (liber 5154 folio 279)
Remarks » When Bessie B. Cook, sold the house in 1953 she was a D.C. resident. Jane Keener converted house from summer cottage to winter house; added small room on Southwest corner and bathroom extension at rear; stairway and loft in living room; remodeled kitchen. While she was overseas with the Red Cross, Jane Keener frequently rented out the house (to other Red Cross workers). Assessment records indicate house was inherited by Elizabeth H. Keener.
Sources » Town Directories; Cook to Keener corres., Land Records, Town Archives; Kitty Wilkerson real estate printout; County Tax Records; Ed Roberts; Assessment records. McCathran corres, 1953. Register of Stock Certificates. Cook corres, 4-25-1933. 1946 tax list.

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