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Lot and Block » Lots 1 & 2?, Block 13
Name »
Built » 1958
Built by »
Style » Ranch
Owner(s) » Robert G. & R. R. LeCompte, by 1988 (liber 2519 folio 181)
Remarks » Appears on assessment records as lot 2 & 3 block 13. Construction date from assessment records.
Sources » Town Directories; Assessment records

Updates & Anecdotes

Source » Mimi Styles, March 2009
In December 2006, Ann Briggs wrote the following about Bob LeCompte, former owner of 333 McCauley Street, and included it in a listserv exchange. HPC received Ann’s permission to include it in House Histories. Thank you, Ann, for your beautiful observation and memory. “As for Bob LeCompte: he was debonair, erudite, eccentric, and had done almost everything during most of the twentieth century including an amazing career during WW II. He had major personal tragedies and dealt with them with grace. Age gradually sucked away the physical abilities that sustained his mental prowess so that he simply couldn’t keep up with his spheres of interest. In the Grove, during his final years, the Challstroms and the Deelys did all they could to sustain him. Others probably helped, also. The decline of his home and yard these past few years is like a fade-out, maybe characteristic of a personality that just wouldn’t give up.”

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