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Town Council News

Next meeting: Monday » 12.10.12 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room. The public is invited to attend.

Actions at the November 12th Council meeting included:

  • approval of Resolution No. 2012-06; Regarding the Banning of Hydraulic Fracturing in the State of Maryland

Council Accepts Snow Removal Bid

At their regular meeting in November, the Town Council accepted a bid from Lion Contractors for snow removal in Town. Lion Contractors has been doing snow removal for us for many years. Town Maintenance will supplement with sand at intersections when needed. Should there be any concerns about snow removal, residents are asked to contact Joe Clark; 301-869-7944 or [email protected]

Planning Commission News

Next meeting: Wednesday » 12.05.12 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room. The public is invited to attend.

If you are going to erect a building or structure (including fences), make structural alterations to, or move any existing building or other structure, you must first obtain a building permit from the Washington Grove Planning Commission. All permit applications must be received in the Town Office fourteen (14) days prior to the Planning Commission meeting at which they will receive their initial review. The applicant must post a "Notice To Neighbors" sign within seven (7) days of receiving it from the Town Clerk. The Planning Commission will not act on an application unless the Notice To Neighbors sign was posted in a timely fashion as confirmed by the Commission. Please contact the Town Office (301-926-2256) or [email protected], or see permits for more details. The Historic Preservation Commission will review most permit applications as well.

Permits approved on November 7th:

  • 302 Ridge Road » Garage
  • Permits up for discussion on December 5th: There are not permits up for discussion.

Historic Preservation News

Next meeting: Tuesday » 12.18.12 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
Meetings are open to the public. The HPC encourages residents to come for an early consultation when planning a renovation.


By Patricia Patula, Town Archivist

"A Biscuit Party Debt"   The original

The original of this “tongue-in-cheek” notice to the Town bears the official red wax seal of Washington Grove, incorporated in 1937. Look for the original version on the Town’s website.

To all to whom these presents shall come.
   Be it known that A. Marie Lawlor, having duly arrived at the Biscuit Party, on July 16, 1944, without pocketbook, money or Coin of the Realm, with her guest did partake of the biscuits, but found herself unable to pay the cost thereof because of inadvertence, accident or neglect to bring said pocketbook, money or Coin of the Realm;
   Whereupon the morning of July 17, 1944, the said A. Marie Lawlor did pay to the Mayor of the Town of Washington Grove the sum of eighty cents to cover the cost of the biscuits, and did also pay a certain sum in the amount of twenty cents to cover the cost of interest, penalty and debt tax, making a total of One Dollar, which amount was handed to the Treasurer of the Town of Washington Grove, bring the profit of said Biscuit Party to a total amount of $18.00.
   In the language of the gutter, “her and her gal friend paid for what they done et.”
   In Testimony whereof I have subscribed my name as the Mayor of Said Town, and I affix the seal hereto. Signed at the Town of Washington Grove, in the County of Montgomery, and State of Maryland, this 15th day of August, 1944.
   Irving L. McCathran, Mayor

Recreation Committee News

Next meeting: Wednesday » 12.19.12@ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
The public is invited to attend.

Holiday Show

This year’s Holiday Extravaganza will take place on Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 7:30 pm in McCathran Hall. The show, entitled "Grove Alone", will feature a host of Town talent from all ages performing musical and comedy entertainment. Refreshments will follow the show, so come out for a great evening of holiday fun!

Caroling in the Grove

Friday, December 21, 2012 at 5:00 PM.  Sunday, December 21, 2012 at 6:30 PM. Meet at 409 Brown Street. Join us for a special Grove tradition. Raise your voice and spirit as we carol the neighborhood. Begin at 409 Brown for pre-carol libations hosted by Jane Grissmer (301-869-3699) and Mary Warfield (301-569-6054). Then we will fan out over the neighborhood and rock with our neighbors and friends to make this a very best Christmas vocal event. Libations at 6:30 and caroling at 7pm.

Zumba in the Grove!

Wednesday nights at 7:30-8:30 – McCathran Hall.
No dance experience needed and all fitness levels are welcome at this drop-in class…no registration either! Our instructor is Ingeborg McCright. Contact Carolyn Rapkievian 301-519-2021 for more information. $5.00 per class. December Zumba classes will be on the 12th and 19th only. Sponsored by the Recreation Committee.

Washington Grove Dancers

These dance classes for ages 5 to 12 combine ballet, zumba, jazz and other dance forms to pop and world music. Classes are in McCathran Hall on Mondays from 4:30 to 5:15. $5 per lesson. The fall session classes will prepare the students for performing in the holiday show. Call Samantha Beres with any questions; 301-330-8509.


  • Dec. 2nd 11 a.m. – Enjoy the Christmas tree and Communion service on the first Sunday of Advent.
  • Dec. 7th 7 p.m. – Come to the Fair Trade Craft Fair, featuring lovely crafts from all over the world supplied by "SERRV," the non-profit that ensures that those who make the crafts receive the profit from these sales (that’s "fair trade"). We’ll also have a Bake Sale, and a sing-along with songs of the season’s holidays, accompanied by guitarist Gary Temple! All downstairs at the church, and all welcome.
  • Dec. 16th 11a.m. – This family friendly service will be a Christmas play put on by our Sunday school.
  • Dec. 24th 7:30 p.m. – Traditional Christmas Eve Candlelight Service of Lessons and Carols.

Woman’s Club News

Next meeting: There is no meeting in December.

Our next meeting will be the White Elephant auction, on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Kathi Kershaw, 103 Brown Street. Yes, this has become so popular that we are moving it to a weekend night so nobody has to cut short their fun for an early bedtime. Please bring an item you are willing to part with, be it useful, goofy, beautiful or fun. Or just bring yourself and your friends. Either way, come ready to bid and have a good time. All are welcome.

Outdoor Lighting Advisory Committee News

Work continues but the Committee will NOT meet in December. Contact Carolyn Rapkievian for more information; 301-519-2021.

Attention Woodward Park Users

If you bring food, drinkboxes, napkins, wipes and the like to the park, please remember to take the remains home with you. Help keep your park clean…Carry In/Carry Out!

Have You Seen It?
Check out the improved new trail in the West Woods!!

YARD WASTE Collection Ends for 2012

Per our contract with Potomac Disposal, November 29th was the last date for collection of recyclable yard waste in your properly marked containers, big brown bags and bundled piles. This service will resume in early March. Please make a note of this.

Leaves Are Falling

New and long-time residents alike are reminded of the Town contract for the removal of leaves in bulk each autumn. US Lawns will make regular but unscheduled pickups of leaves raked or blown into windrows within six feet of any walkway or roadway, excluding Railroad Street, 2nd Ave., 3rd Ave., 4th Ave., 5th Ave., and Boundary Street. This service begins November 1 and ends January 1, 2012, or as soon thereafter as we agree that the work is complete. This is your opportunity to have leaves removed without the additional work and expense of bagging.

Weather frequently affects this process, as rain can restrict movement of large trucks on the avenues. Also, one or two spectacular fall weekends in November or early December usually see most of us raking at the same time. As the contractor will time pickups based on the availability of full truckloads for vacuuming, if you rake when most other people rake the windrows will probably disappear relatively quickly. If you feel that a particular pile has been ignored for an inordinate amount of time, please call Joe Clark 301-869-7944 or e-mail him at [email protected]

Please place your windrows along the side of the road or walkway (keeping in mind, traffic & pedestrian flow), and don’t include brush or limbs that foul the vacuum.

Happy raking! It’s the rite of autumn, particularly in a town graced by so many beautiful deciduous trees.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Beginning in late December, Christmas trees will be picked up roadside by Town Maintenance staff. When you place your tree out for collection, please remove all tinsel, ornaments, the stand and any other metal.

Deer Fences Down

Residents are reminded that deer fencing must be down by November 30th per Town Ordinance 3.328(g). Thanks!

Early Consultations with the HPC

Are you starting to think about a change to your home? Please consider coming to a monthly meeting of the HPC for an informal discussion of your thoughts and goals. Sketches, photos or written descriptions are welcome, but not necessary. Just contact the Town Clerk or the HPC to be added to the agenda for the next meeting. Such Early Consultations may help in the preparation of formal architectural drawings. Ideas or suggestions at this stage may enhance compatibility as well as save time and money in developing your architectural plans. The Historic Preservation Commission meets on the third Tuesday of each month. Meetings are at 7:30 p.m.in the Council Room.

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