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Town Council News

Next meeting: Monday  »  11.13.06 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
The public is invited to attend.

Actions at the November Council meeting included:
Rescinded permission previously granted to a resident of Mill Creek South, who is a bow hunter, to retrieve wounded deer from the East Woods.

Casey Field #1, Development:

In light of the most recent changes to the Phase I site plan, letters to Park and Planning are needed NOW. The density of housing planned in Phase I should not be allowed to increase as a consequence of the property owner providing more of the site to the SHA for storm water management for the ICC (i.e. lost land showing lots should mean lost units!). The increased proportion of townhomes and fewer single-family homes is unacceptable because it increases incompatibility with the Town, and along Ridge Road the density of the adjacent lots should be reduced. A reasonable wooded buffer (30 ft. minimum from the Town line) is required with appropriate landscaping/reforestation (NOT the proposed dry river bed) and with existing mature trees in the buffer preserved. A water main in an appropriate location should be provided against the possibility that the proposed development adversely affects the existing well water used by Town residents.

Letters referencing Preliminary Plan #1-02022 should be sent to:
Development Review
8787 Georgia Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Casey Field #2, Elementary School Site:

ASAP! Another letter to the School Board and Superintendent Weast are in order urging that purchase of the property be completed. The reservation period to allow the County to buy the elementary school site will expire at the end of the year. The school, a critical public facility needed if the proposed redevelopment of the Shady Grove Metro area is to be a success, with its open space and fields will be a significantly better neighbor for the Town than the 85 homes that will otherwise be built on the site if the site is not purchased!

Letters should be sent to:
Email: [email protected] (but mail a letter as well)
Snail mail:
Board of Education and Superintendent Weast
Montgomery County Public Schools
Carver Educational Services Center
850 Hungerford Drive, Room 123
Rockville, Maryland 20850

Casey Field #3, LOS Field:

Meanwhile, the condemnation process continues. As the Town’s position grows stronger, the legal issues become more complicated. We are talking with Park & Planning to resolve their concerns, while Toll Brothers remains uncooperative. After it was approved last year, the Town spent about $21,000 pursuing the condemnation and during the current fiscal year approx. $8,000 in legal expenses for this process. However, a recent Freedom of Information Act request cost the Town an additional $4,000, which brings the grand total to date to about $12,000.

Speed Hump Meeting

Unfortunately, there weren’t enough Town residents present to constitute a quorum (50 people required) so the Special Town Meeting became a forum for public comment. Whether for or against speed humps, the universal theme in all comments was traffic control/safety. Eight (8) residents have volunteered to form a committee to work on residential street safety.

More volunteers are needed to study other solutions to our traffic safety issues. If you would like to help with this, please contact the Town Office 301-926-2256 or Mayor Compton 301-330-8264

Planning Commission News

Next meeting: Wednesday  »  11.01.06 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
The public is invited to attend.

Building Permits

If you are going to erect a building or structure (including fences), make structural alterations to, or move any existing building or other structure, you must first obtain a building permit from the Washington Grove Planning Commission. The Town zoning ordinance governs setbacks, lot coverage and height. Applications are available at the Town Office at 301-926-2256. The permit fee is $10.00, payable to the Town of Washington Grove. Interior renovations, which involve electrical, plumbing, or load-bearing changes, generally require a County permit. A shed requires a County permit as well. The Town must first sign off all applications for County-required building permits. The Historic Preservation Commission will review most permits as well.

Building permits were issued for the following:
419 4th Ave.  »  Shed
121 Chestnut Ave.  »  Fence
213 Ridge Rd.  »  Fence
342 Ridge Rd.  »  Addition
Historic Preservation News

Next meeting: Tuesday  »  11.21.05 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
The public is invited to attend.

Reviews were written for the following:
419 4th Ave.  »  Shed
342 Ridge Rd.  »  Addition

Neighborhood Watch News

Report Crimes & Suspicious Activity!
Mont. Co. Police non-emergency: 301-279-8000
Town Office: 301-926-2256
Betsy Klinger: 301-977-3517
Keith Gillis/Leigh Partington: 301-208-1437

Incident Report:
Sept. 8: Dog Report – two (2) resident dogs running loose in the 100 block of Ridge Road.
Sept. 15: Dog Report – stray dog (black German shepherd) wandering through yards in the 100 & 400 blocks of Center Street.

Recreation Committee News

Next meeting: Wednesday  »  11.29.06 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
The public is invited to attend. **NEW MEMBERS ALWAYS WELCOME! **


Trick or Treating will take place on Tuesday, October 31, 2006. Be safe and have a great time!
Annual Halloween Parade & Party

Wear your costume and meet at McCathran Hall at 2:00p.m. on Saturday, October 28th. Join us for some ghoulish games, freaky fun and frightening food. To volunteer to help with this event or for further information please call Sara Lucas-Dreiss 443-415-5036 (cell).

Yoga Rescheduled

Because of Halloween, Tuesday night Yoga class will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 1st. Speaking of Yoga…. Did you know that a Yoga class meets every Tuesday night in McCathran Hall? Did you know that it is for residents of all skill levels? Did you know that it is taught by our own Terry Strother? I bet you didn’t know that it’s only $10.00 per session. Come see what it’s all about!

Come Join the Holiday Fun!

Holiday Concert – A show for all ages! Saturday, December 16, 2006; 7:30 – 9:00 p.m.; Please contact David Rapkievian for details and/or to sign up 301-519-2021. Participant sign-up deadline is Nov. 15th, so don’t delay!

Music Makers Anyone?

A local area amateur music club is looking for music lovers who would like to join for the purpose of playing/singing for one another in a friendly environment of encouragement and appreciation. The group is called Music Makers and they meet on the 1st Sunday afternoon of each month. Membership is free! In order to receive information about Music Makers, please contact Steve Yusko [email protected]. People who don’t have e-mail can contact the Town Office and the clerk will forward your inquiry.

Woman’s Club News

Next meeting: Thursday  »  11.16.06 @ 7:30 p.m. in Clubhouse. Our guest speaker is E. Lee Fisher, author of Pendencia Creek. Lee is a 30+ year resident of Washington Grove, but was born in New Mexico and raised in Texas. His book is about a relative, gunfighter John King Fisher in southwest Texas in the 1870’s. Come learn more about this exciting story and how it developed.

DON’T FORGET…Bulk Trash Pickup

Saturday, Oct. 28, 2006 Collection may include furniture, appliances (not those with freon), rugs, large toys, small auto parts etc… Materials MAY NOT include construction by-products from your renovation or addition projects, large auto parts, tires, hazardous materials, paint or batteries. Items that contain gasoline will not be taken. Please place items “curbside” by 7:00 a.m..

Leaves Are Falling…

Leaf pickup will begin November 1st. New and long-time residents alike are reminded that the Town contracts for the removal of leaves in bulk each autumn. US Lawns will make regular but unscheduled pickups of leaves raked or blown into windrows within six feet of any walkway or roadway, excluding Railroad Street, 2nd Ave., 3rd Ave., 4th Ave., 5th Ave., and Boundary Street. This service begins November 1 and ends January 1, 2007, or as soon thereafter as we agree that the work is complete. This is your opportunity to have leaves removed without the additional work and expense of bagging.

Weather frequently affects this process, as rain can restrict movement of large trucks on the avenues. Also, one or two spectacular fall weekends in November or early December usually see most of us raking at the same time. As the contractor will time pickups based on the availability of full truckloads for vacuuming, if you rake when most other people rake the windrows will probably disappear relatively quickly. If you feel that a particular pile has been ignored for an inordinate amount of time, please call Kathie Evans at 301-869-7816 or e-mail her at [email protected]

Please place your windrows with an eye towards traffic visibility and flow, and don’t include brush or limbs that foul the vacuum. Happy raking! It’s the rite of autumn, particularly in a town graced by so many beautiful deciduous trees.

Blue Tree Tags Disappearing

Some of the blue tree inventory tags are disappearing from our trees. If you find a blue tag, please bring it to the Town Office so that it can be placed back on the correct tree. Parents are asked to tell your children about the on-going tree inventory project and to remind them not to disturb the blue tags.

WGUMC Events

Oct. 27th; 7:30 p.m.
“An Inconvenient Truth” If you missed this movie, the WG United Methodist Church is having a free showing of the acclaimed 90-minute film. All are welcome, popcorn & water provided. Those interested will also be able to buy baked goods and crafts as a fund raiser for the Gaithersburg Human Services Thanksgiving dinner charity. Allison Fisher from Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light will lead a brief discussion after the movie.

Nov. 19th; 12:30 p.m.
Shopping for the Gaithersburg Human Services Thanksgiving Dinner Charity project. Parent chaperones and other are invited to come and make your holiday more meaningful. For more information call Pastor Judy Young 301-869-3753 or [email protected]

Mousetrap Concert Two

Calder String Quartet
Sunday, November 19 – 3 pm
Call Alice Negin (301-926-2858) or Ann Briggs (301-926-6347) for tickets

Clerk’s Corner

Please remind your contractors that the walkways are NOT to be used for driving or parking. They may use a walkway for the purposes of unloading equipment only.

The Lost and Found box is about to take over the Council Room. Anybody missing keys, reading glasses, children’s shoes, walking stick, and/or clothing? Items not claimed by Oct. 31, 2006 will be donated to charity.

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