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Communication Clarification: If you wish to communicate directly to the Town, you may call or send an e-mail to the Mayor or/and Town Council members directly. Another option is to contact Town Clerk Kathy Lehman in the Town Office and request the Clerk to forward messages to officials. The Town does not accept anonymous complaints.

Please remember the Town List Serve is not an official way to communicate with Town officials nor does the Town use the List Serve to communicate with residents. While this is a wonderful tool for communication among residents, it is not intended for official communication from the Town or official representatives. Please remember the List Serve does not reach all residents.

Master Plan Update: Groups are forming to work on items for the 2019 Town of Washington Grove Master Plan. Some items which need review include Lighting, McCathran Hall, Walkways, Parks, Historic Character, Forest Conservation, Stormwater Management and others. If you are interested in serving on updating particular items, please contact me directly. The current 2009 Master Plan is on the Town web site at washingtongrovemd.org. Please review to see all topics covered. New ideas are always welcome.

Student Service Learning Hours: The Town is required to have members who can sign off on behalf of Washington Grove for students to receive credit towards their Student Service Learning Hours. Jenn Hix and Joan Mahaffey have completed this training. All forms for the students must be signed by either of these two dedicated volunteers. Thanks to Jenn and Joan for helping our youth!

Happy Halloween to all!
Joli A. McCathran, Mayor

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