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Special Town Council Meeting: The continuation of the Special Meeting of the Town Council to address the petition requesting the Mayor and Town Council “to declare as surplus parcels and sell the parcels according to the Town Policy for Sale of Surplus Land” was held on January 4, 2018. At this meeting a motion was made request an ordinance be prepared to provide a process for the transfer of Town properties to adjacent property owners consistent with the 1987 Sale of Surplus Property policy. The motion was seconded and carried by a 3 to 2 vote. This is considered a favorable action on the proposed petition.

Bike Path Planning: Mayor Joli McCathran and Council Members Greg Silber and Shelley Winkler met with the City of Gaithersburg executives and planning staff in regard to bike paths. The purpose was to learn of Gaithersburg’s plans for bikeways within its jurisdiction; and plans to align with County plans for constructing or extending bikeways planned by the County. Our intent was not to present any particular Town of Washington Grove position, only to learn of the City’s plans, roles, and processes; and how we might be involved particularly with a view toward ensuring Washington Grove’s positions and views regarding bikeways are fully represented in any ongoing plans and processes.

Among the main interests for Gaithersburg is to connect such areas, especially transportation hubs, as Montgomery Village, Lake Forest Mall, Mid-County Highway, etc. with MARC and Metro Stations. While no specific routes have been proposed, possibilities staff have discussed, and as identified in the 2017 Draft County Bicycle Master Plan, include bikeways;

  • connecting Amity Drive, through or near Washington Grove, to Piedmont Crossing and the Shady Grove Metro Station;
  • using various connections to Crabbs Branch for the same purpose;
  • using Oakmont Avenue, Railroad Street, the neighborhood streets of West Deer Park, possible locations along the railroad tracks, and/or Brown Street via Central Avenue and/or along Girard Street, for the same purpose;

Gaithersburg staff emphasized these are thoughts/possibilities only. Gaithersburg expects to report on results of its work in approximately one year.

Restoration of Highway User Revenue (HUR): As you may know, I am a member of the Maryland Municipal League’s (MML) Legislative Committee. We are making the restoration of Highway User Revenues our highest priority for the 2018 Legislative Session. MML has produced a 60-second Public Service Announcement. Please view at: 2018 HUR PSA #1.

The legislation for HUR restoration will be subject to a hearing in the House Environment and Transportation Committee on March 2nd at 1:00 p.m. in the Taylor House Office Building. Estimates due to the Town for FY-2018 is $29,294 and in FY-2019 is $29,799. We will only receive these funds if HUR funds are restored. Please consider contacting your State Delegation to support the restoration of HUR funds. Our District 39 Delegation is Senator Nancy King, Delegates Charles Barkley, Kirill Resnick, and Shane Robinson.

Joli A. McCathran, Mayor

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