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On March 22 I attended, along with approximately 75 Maryland Mayors, the hearing before the House of Delegate’s Environmental and Transportation Committee for the restoration for highway use revenues for municipalities throughout Maryland. Comments were well received, and I plan to attend the Senate hearing on March 7.

Kudos To Steve!
Our Maintenance Supervisor, Steve Werts, has done an outstanding job in removing the floor in the Old Council Room in McCathran Hall. The area was treated for termites and Steve upgraded the joists and installed new flooring. Thank you, Steve, for a job expertly done!

Steve Werts is an outstanding, dedicated and hardworking employee. Please refrain for contacting Steve on the weekends and while he is not on the job. He starts his workday early in the morning and ends his work day at 2:30 p.m. If there is an emergency, please contact the Mayor first. Thank you for respecting Steve’s time while not at work.

Multi-Family Dwelling Units
Concerns have been expressed about multi-family dwelling units and transient guests such as bed and breakfast establishments in Washington Grove. Our Ordinances state, Article VI – Zoning 4.2 defines dwelling units as: Building arranged or designed to provide living facilities for one family and containing not more than one dwelling unit.

  • Dwelling Unit — A building providing complete living facilities for not more than one family, including, at a minimum, facilities for cooking, sanitation, and sleeping.

Article VI – Zoning: Transient Rentals — Rent or lease of rooms or other living space for consideration for less than 30 days or one calendar month. Persons renting on a transient basis shall not be considered as members of a household. Occupancy in connection with purchase of a residence shall not be considered transient.

The Town is a single-family dwelling unit community. This helps to maintain the character and uniqueness of our community.

Gaithersburg Cluster School Site
The Site Selection Advisory Committee, of which I was a member, chose Kelley Park as its first choice for a site for a new elementary school within the Gaithersburg Cluster. I expressed strong concerns about the loss of much needed recreation locations for people living in the area, the geography of the site being not level for the size of the structure and additional concerns. If you wish to view superintendent of schools Recommended Amendments for the FY 2019 – FY 2024 Capital Improvements Budget, which includes school construction within the Gaithersburg Cluster visit: www.boarddocs.com/mabe/mcpsmd/Board.nsf/files/AW8SN97375EB/$file/Rec%20Amend%20Rqstd%20FY2019%20Cap%20Bdgt%20FY2019-2024%20CIP.pdf.

The elected officials in Town are here to serve the Town residents. Your ideas and views are important and highly valued. Please do call or contact me if you have any questions or concerns. My phone number is 301-869-5358 and my e-mail is JMcCathranWGMD@gmail.com.

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