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The Town of Washington Grove has a new web site. The address is the same but it is new and improved! Much appreciation goes to the highly talented Marida Hines for her contract in performing this immense job. Please take a fresh look at www.washingtongrovemd.org . It is wonderful.

Specific concerns were brought to the Town Council meeting in December 2015 regarding the illegal right turn from McCauley Street onto Washington Grove Lane, and vice-versa. Additionally, concerns of excessive speed and ignoring stop signs in this area were brought to my attention. PLEASE be respectful of fellow Town residents and of the law of the Town by following the rules of the road.

Maple Lake is one of the great environmental and recreational treasures of Washington Grove. State legislation is being introduced by Senator Nancy King to allow the Town autonomy to self-monitor Maple Lake. The bill is entitled Municipal Corporations – Closed Swimming Lake –

Regulations (subject to change). Lake Committee Chair John Hutchinson and I testified before the Montgomery County State Delegation in support of this legislation in November 2015. No action is necessary at this time. The Town will be kept in the loop as to the progress of this legislation. If you have questions you may contact John Hutchinson or myself.

Several Town citizens attended the December 2015 Town Council meeting to express their desire towards encouraging the Council to consider signing The Charter for Compassion, a global initiative supported by 45 countries around the globe. The text the Council is considering to put into a possible resolution states:
Affirming Washington Grove’s Tolerance for Differing Religions and Ethnicities and Expressing Support for Refugees: The Town of Washington Grove stands with other compassionate communities across America eager to embrace those fleeing oppression, violence and terrorism around the world. By doing so we honor our roots, those that brought our parents, grandparents and great grandparents to America. We do this without reservation to race, religion or national origin.
Washington Grove offers support and asylum to victims of the most recent increase in terrorism including those fleeing Syria. We encourage the State of Maryland to stand with us by opposing discrimination against these most vulnerable victims of terror and violence.”

Please share your thoughts with any member of the Town Council or myself if you choose to do so. This will again be an agenda item at the January 11, 2016 Council meeting.

The Department of Natural Resource, Montgomery County Forestry Board’s 2015/2016 Register Champion Trees is now available. You may pick up hard copies at the Town office or at my home or view on line at www.mcmdforestryboard.org and click on the Champion Trees tab. The Town has a total of 5 champion trees within our borders, including one Maryland state champion.
The Montgomery Magazine December/January 2016 edition has two nice articles of interest to residents. One on the Town of Washington Grove and another about resident Joseph Craig English and his studio. These articles may be found on-line at https://montgomerymag.com.
Happy New Year to all!
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