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Governor Larry Hogan visiting with Town officials on April 13, 2018.
Scott Hancock, Executive Director of the Maryland Municipal League, is on the far left.

Governor Larry Hogan accepted my invitation to visit Washington Grove. While here, he presented the Town with a Governor’s Citation which states, “Be it known: That on behalf of the citizens of this State, in recognition of a well-deserved tribute to honor and celebrate the history of Washington Grove – a place originally described as a ‘town within a forest,’ an oasis of tranquility; and as the people of Maryland join in expressing our great respect and admiration for one of Maryland’s most charming and picturesque communities, we are pleased to confer upon you this Governor’s Citation.” This citation is in the Town office. We escorted the Governor on a short walking tour of Washington Grove explaining the history of the Town. He specifically requested to visit Political Hill. It was an honor to have Governor Hogan visit the Town of Washington Grove.

Town Information: Here is a listing of links to Town information. The Town web site is at https://washingtongrovemd.org. Information on Council actions, meeting minutes, and monthly reports from all standing Committees/Commission are promptly posted on our web site at: https://washingtongrovemd.org/town-government/. Likewise, Committee/Commission actions can be found at: https://washingtongrovemd.org/town-government/commissions-committees/. Information and significant actions by the Mayor and Council are summarized in the Town Bulletin and is sent to every resident each month and is posted on the web site. The direct link is: https://washingtongrovemd.org/current-bulletin/. There is much more information on our web site.

Note: The Town’s annual budget, deliberated during numerous Council meetings open to the public, is available @ https://washingtongrovemd.org/town-government/financial-budget/. Residents will be voting on the FY-2019 budget at Town Annual Meeting on May 12.

All Committee and Council meetings are open to the public. We highly encourage, as you will see on the various pages, all interested residents to attend these meetings. We always seek resident input.

Refuse and Recycling Contract: The Town entered into a new 3-year contract with Potomac Disposal for refuse and recycling services. Starting on Thursday May 3rd, Potomac Disposal will be using a “split body” or “double packer” compressed natural gas service vehicle to provide trash and recycle services. To see the information sent to the Town on their refuse and recycling operations for Washington Grove, please see: Potomac Disposal pdf: https://washingtongrovemd.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Trash-Recycle-Processes-as-of-050318.pdf.

Historic Designation: Beginning this week and throughout the summer months you may notice the presence of unfamiliar people carrying notebooks, cameras, iPads and maps. These are employees of Robinson & Associates, a D.C. based historic preservation consulting firm. They have been hired by the Town to update Washington Grove’s Historic District designation. If you have any questions or want more information about this project, please feel free to ask them or to contact the Historic Preservation Commission.
Joli A. McCathran, Mayor
[email protected]; 301-869-5358

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