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Storm windows are often presented as options for weatherizing original windows. Will installing those really help control my energy loss?

Adding either interior or exterior storm windows will improve both the energy efficiency of your windows and the comfort level of your home’s occupants.

Interior Storm Windows

There are a number of interior storm window systems available. Most have aluminum frames with glass or Plexiglas glazing. The unit is often attached to the inside of the window opening with a system of magnetic strips, hook and loop fasteners, etc. Interior storms are preferred by some people because they do not obscure the historic wood window details from the exterior; they can be custom made to fit individual window openings; they are easy to install in upper story windows without ladders; and can be easily installed and removed as needed. They also tend to be low-profile, do not obscure the window or light, and can be made to accommodate screens for warm weather use. The most often noted downside to interior storm windows is that they do not protect the historic wood window from the elements. This means that the primary window may need to be maintained more frequently than if it were protected with a storm window. Like all storm windows, interior storms need to be properly installed and vented so that condensation does not collect on either the storm or the primary window.

Exterior Storm Windows

Exterior storm windows can be made to fit virtually any window opening and window type. Aluminum storm window assemblies are the most common, but vinyl, fiberglass, composites, and wood assemblies are also options. Options abound, and you don’t have to sacrifice style or ease of operation. If you have an unusual window opening or are having difficulty finding a storm window/screen assembly that suits your needs, try a window specialty company or contact the HPC.

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