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Reason #3: Old Windows Can Be Repaired

Traditional windows are made from individual parts. Each piece – the rails, stiles, muntins, stops, sill, stool, jamb, etc. – can be individually repaired or replaced in kind. Vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite windows are manufactured as a unit, and the components generally cannot be repaired. When a part fails, or the insulated glass seal breaks, or the vinyl warps, the entire unit must be replaced. In addition to being a “green” alternative, repairing and increasing the energy performance of existing wood windows is good for the local economy, as hiring a window repair specialist to refurbish windows creates skilled local jobs.

Reason #4: Old Windows Perform Well and are Energy Efficient

A growing body of studies is demonstrating that a historic wood window that is properly maintained, weather stripped, and has a storm window can be just as energy efficient as a new window. While additional testing will provide more evidence, many people find that using a window-storm combination is even more efficient than having a new double-pane window unit alone. This is because the air space between a historic window and the storm provides several inches of added insulation.

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