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Meetings: The regular monthly meeting was held on January 15, 2019. The next regularly-scheduled meeting will be held February 19, 2019.

Reviews and Discussions: Bud O’Connor (409 5th Avenue) presented a slide presentation of his past reconstruction for the purpose of informing his request for purchase of Town property as per Ordinances 2018-04 and 2018-05. He also thought showing the HPC what he went through during his reconstruction would assist the HPC with their written recommendations for sale of Town land.

Collin Turner (405 Brown Street) met with the HPC to inform them that he intends to request a building permit to demolish a 2-car garage and build a 3-car garage with upper-level storage. He wanted to know how to proceed. The HPC Chair spelled out the process for submitting the permit and where in the process the HPC would review the plans. It also was noted that Mr. Turner might consider building a Dutch Colonial “barn” type structure consistent with the style of his house.

Progress on contract for review of the Town’s Historic District Updating: Assignments were made for the final Phase I Report. Wendy Harris will serve as contact person for consultants, will coordinate questions surrounding view-sheds and boundaries, and coordinate procedural issues and all non-architectural aspects of the Nomination. Bob Booher will serve as coordinator for all issues related to architecture, such as narrative descriptions of buildings and the extension of the historic significance period.

The HPC recommends a possible expansion of the Phase I Reports to include History of Commercial Corner and Historical Features. Gail Littlefield would like to write history of the Commercial Corner including the Town’s challenges during the period of 7-11 tenancy there. Gail would also like to write history of historic features such as street/avenue signs, street lights, fire hydrants, drainage structures and the perimeter fence structure. These histories can be included as an Addendum to the Nomination if it is too late in the process to include in Phase I.

Master Plan: The HPC has provided input into sections on “Transportation” and the “Commercial Corner.” A significant section on the Commercial Corner was submitted including potential redevelopment and rezoning options.

Zoning Text Amendments: The HPC submitted additional comments on Zoning Text Amendments 2018-04 and 2018-05. The Planning Commission will re-examine these two ordinances and confer with the HPC.

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