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Meetings: The regular monthly meeting was held on March 19, 2019. The next regularly-scheduled meeting will be held April 16, 2019.

Review Session:
Bryant Foreman (412 4th Avenue) attended to discuss plans for renovation and addition. The purchase of the property is in progress and Mr. Foreman hopes to begin construction at that time. A second-floor addition is planned for the area of the residence adjacent to Johnson Alley. Mr. Foreman was encouraged to contact the Planning Commission to address zoning questions.

The HPC will review the “Appendix C” document for 409 5th Avenue (Bud O’Connor). The owner requested that this document be reviewed and updated.

Updating and Expanding the 1980 National Register of Historic Places Historic District Nomination:
The HPC received the draft NR Nomination from Robinson & Associates and HPC review is in progress. It was decided that HPC edits should be limited to areas of previous review from worksheets that have not been properly/adequately incorporated by Robinson & Associates into the Nomination. It is hoped that the Nomination will be completed in time for the Governor’s Consulting Committee’s October meeting.

Master Plan 2019:
Previous work session did not finish the review/edit of Transportation section. The HPC still must review and submit comments on Section 5 (Recreation and Parks) and Section 6 (Environmental).

Annual Report on Archives:
Pat Patula, Town Archivist, provided the 2018 Annual Report including the following:
a. Collections Care – Archives Storage Area
b. Records Management Plan
c. Past Perfect Program
d. Town Website – make electronic historic records available to public
e. Equipment – implement uniform standards with State of MD
f. Public Education – National Register Nomination Update; Town Walking Tour; Street Sign Restoration – initiate documentary
g. Budget Recommendation Summary for 2019

315 Grove Avenue Ordinance Update:
The HPC indicated that the Ordinance still requires correction from HPC on the aluminum siding material. The siding was removed and replaced with cement siding on the northeast side of the residence after structure fire at the adjacent property several years ago.

Annual Budget Review:
The HPC reviewed the draft of their FY 2019/2020 budget and highlighted items to be completed before the end of the FY 2019 budget period, as well as items to be included in the FY 2020 budget period. These will be compiled and submitted to the Town Treasurer before the March 26 Council Budget Planning Session.
Susan Van Nostrand continues to hold gatherings to produce more of the signs for this project. Another 14 signs were completed and were turned in to the office for Steve to pick up and install.

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