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Meetings: The regular monthly meeting was held on November 20, 2018. The next regular meeting is scheduled for December 18, 2018.

Progress on contract for review of the Town’s Historic District Updating. The HPC completed review of Phase I Reports and issued a spreadsheet revision document to Robinson & Associates.

Clare Kelly, consultant to the HPC, completed the review of the Phase I Reports. She recommends that the nomination extend the period of architectural significance to the Early Municipal Era, 1937-1969. This extension would be reflected in additional research by consultants, modification to Phase I reports, and revisions to the post-1937 building descriptions. There was a discussion of how to incorporate revisions, in general, as well as revisions to the architectural inventory with the period of nomination extended to 1969.

A conference call will be initiated by the HPC and Daria Gasparini of Robinson & Associates to discuss: (1) what revisions Robinson & Associates proposes to make to the document; (2) what revisions are necessary or not necessary for MHT/NPS review and consideration; (3) how to incorporate Clare Kelly edits; (4) what additional research may be required; and, (5) how to reconcile the additional scope of work that may be requested.

The next step in the process is preparation of the application.

Sale of 315 Grove Avenue (Jane Seegal)
The HPC reviewed comments on the document for the sale of Town property at 315 Grove Avenue requested during the November meeting. Ms. Seegal attended but did not have further comments. The document was finalized and a letter to the Town Council with HPC comments will be forwarded for consideration at the December Town Council meeting.

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