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Meetings: The regular monthly meeting was held on December 18, 2018. The next regularly-scheduled meeting will be held January 15, 2019.

Progress on contract for review of the Town’s Historic District Updating. The HPC consultant (Claire Kelly) submitted a report that was reviewed by the HPC. Wendy and Bob met with Robinson & Associates on December 5 and they indicated they would incorporate the consultant suggestions into their documents.

The Phase II documents include the Viewshed Document, which already has been reviewed by the HPC and the draft of the Nomination document. The Nomination document will reflect some of Claire Kelly’s recommendations, expected by March 1, 2019, including architectural descriptions of representative structures. There will be an eight-week review process timeline.

The HPC plans to input sections of the National Register language into the Washington Grove Masterplan document, including sections on: the Commercial Zone; Land Use and Zoning; and, Municipal Growth and Boundary Enhancements.

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