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[ Application for Absentee Ballot – 2020 Town Election ]

We are still planning on holding Town elections on May 9, 2020. We have an absentee and emergency ballot provision that will allow us to vote remotely if necessary. If restrictions are relaxed to some extent, we might be able to vote in person with social distancing standards in place. Either way, the bigger problem being wrestled with is how to hold a Town Meeting and fulfill our Charter’s requirements without violating common sense and whatever restrictions are in place in early May with regard to crowds.

Nominations for Town offices close Monday, April 13. Nominees to date are as follows:

  • Mayor: John Compton
  • Council (2 seats available) : Gray Yachup, Audrey Maskery & Dave Cosson

Please refer to the Town website for information regarding checking or changing your registration. Town elections are open to anyone registered in Montgomery County at a Town address.

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