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Building Permit:

  • 15 Circle – Permit approved for a new small shed for storing bicycles.

Master Plan Update: The next Planning Commission Master Plan Worksession will be held February 13 at 7:30 p.m. The 2019 Master Plan Working Draft has been updated to reflect changes in the Introduction, Section 1 (Land Use and Zoning), and Section 2 (Municipal Growth and Boundary Enhancements) approved by the PC at the January 16 work session. Additional material received from the HPC for Section 1.2 (Commercial Zone) will be considered at the February 15 work session, along with expected PC materials for Section 1.1 (Residential Zones) and Section 1.3 (Other Town-Owned Land). The most recent update of the 2019 Master Plan Working Draft will be available on the Town website after each work session.

Zoning Text Amendment: The Planning Commission has filed and accepted an application for Zoning Text Amendment (see proposed Ordinance 2019-01) to amend Article VII, Zoning. Adding a definition of “Ordinary Maintenance and Repairs” will support the updated Town regulations for ordinary maintenance and repairs to buildings and fences. A copy of the application has been forwarded to the Historic Preservation Commission. The next steps are “introduction” of proposed Ordinance 2019-01 by Town Council, setting a date for the public hearing, and advertising the hearing in a newspaper and the Town Bulletin.

Building Permit Regulations: The Planning Commission recommends the Town Council introduce proposed Ordinance 2019-02 to amend Article IV, Building Permit Regulations, and set a date for the public hearing. This Ordinance would specify that ordinary maintenance and repairs to buildings and fences may be made without a building permit.

Ordinance 2018-11 Update: The Planning Commission has reviewed an updated version of Ordinance 2018-11 dated February 4, 2019, to authorize sale of Town land to Jane Seegal. The PC recommends this version that specifies ordinary maintenance and repairs, as defined in the Washington Grove Zoning Ordinance, may be made without a building permit. This updated version reinforces the process for sale of Town land as stipulated in Article XVII.

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