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Meetings: The regular monthly meeting was held on February 19, 2019. The next regularly-scheduled meeting will be held March 19, 2019.

Reviews and Discussions: Bud O’Connor (409 5th Avenue) attended to update his presentation to the HPC in January and to report that he has submitted presented a slide presentation of his past reconstruction for applied to purchase Town Land as per Zoning Ordinances 2018-04 and 2018-05 in January. He restated his objections to the previously issued “Exhibit C” prepared by HPC; the HPC agreed to review “Exhibit C” for 409 5th Avenue at the March HPC meeting.

The HPC received a submission from the resident at 3 Ridge Road for exterior modifications, which include new tapered columns on the existing stone column bases on the front porch facing Ridge Road; the addition of screen panels and wrap 4×4 posts with 1xtrim at existing side-covered porch. Screen doors will be added for access; the side screen porch does not extend beyond the front house wall. The HPC will complete a written review.

Progress on contract for review of the Town’s Historic District Updating: The HPC will receive the Draft NR Nomination from Robinson & Associates on March 1st and will have one week to review prior to submission of Draft to MHT. The goal is to confirm that the Draft NR Nomination is as HPC envisions it based on previous reviews.

In addition, text on the Commercial Corner and Lighting will be drafted and included in the comments to Robinson & Associates.

Master Plan: The HPC will review Section 5 (Recreation and Parks) and Section 6 (Environmental Concerns) at the March meeting and submit comments before the next public Master Plan work session.

HPC Budget for FY2020: The HPC reviewed the FY2019 Budget, led by Marilynn Frey and noted what funds remained for HPC initiatives this year. A discussion of what items to include in the FY2020 Budget highlighted areas to submit requests to the Town by March 26. A final review will be held at the March HPC meeting.

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