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Building Permit:

  • 3 Ridge Road – Permit approved for screening of side porch

Sale of Town Land to Jane Seegal: The Planning Commission has reviewed Ordinance 2019-03 proposed and introduced to authorize sale of the two parcels of Town land on which portions of the home at 315 Grove Avenue are constructed. The PC has previously determined: 1) the sale of the two parcels of Town-owned land will not create an additional building lot, and 2) public ownership of the two parcels of Town-owned land does not serve any present or foreseeable public use or function. The PC also previously determined sufficient information has been submitted to document the dimensions and the current degree of non compliance as may be required for a future building permit application for these portions. The PC has noted apparent inconsistency in the initial wording of items E.2. and E.3. of the Ordinance as introduced, and has recommended corrective wording for Council consideration along with enactment of Ordinance 2019-03.

Master Plan Update: The 2019 Master Plan Working Draft on the Town website has been updated to reflect the PC Master Plan Worksession held on February 13, 2019, with proposed changes up through Section 3.7. Work continues for Section 1.1 (Residential Zones) and Section 1.3 (Other Town Owned Land). Discussion of the use of gravel and/or grass on the walkways included implications for emergency access. Former Section 3.2 (Lighting) is being moved to Section 4 (Community Facilities), and suggestions for this section will be shared with the new Lighting Committee for their review and recommendations. Section 3.4 (Walkway/Bikeway Connection) is updated with recommendations from the Bike Path Committee. The next PC work session is scheduled for March 20, 7:30 p.m., and intended to start with Section 2.3 (Boundary Enhancements) recommendations from the Border Committee.

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