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Building Permit:
• 116 Ridge Road – approved an addition to the existing residence; a recent boundary survey was completed for this property.

Master Plan Update: Topics have been selected for the November 28 and January 16 Planning Commission Master Plan work sessions. On November 28, the Commission will continue its first pass through the 2009 Master Plan to bring items up to date. On January 16, the Commission expects to focus on recommendations from other groups and committees. The Commission has received submissions from the bike path group and from the Emergency Preparedness Committee. Submissions are expected from the Forestry and Beautification Committee and the Woods Committee in December, and from the Border Committee in January.

215 Washington Grove Lane: Recent Title company inquiries associated with change of ownership of 215 Washington Grove Lane have prompted review of the adjacent fence along Center Street. A portion of the fence is located on the Center Street right of way, approximately parallel and 8 feet or more from the property boundary line of 215 Washington Grove Lane. Based on the Washington Grove Zoning Ordinance (Article VII, Section 4.2), this portion of the fence violates the criteria for a fence as an accessory building that must be located on the same lot or contiguous lots under the same ownership with a main building. Therefore, such portions of the fence represent a non-conforming use of a building. The Washington Grove Zoning Ordinance (Article VII, Section 5.251) states: In the case of transfer of property ownership or occupancy, a non-conforming use of a building or lot may not be transferred or continued. The Planning Commission recommends the Mayor initiate removal of the portions of the fence encroaching on Town property.

Maryland Planning Commissioners Conference: The first day of the 2-day conference at the Gaithersburg Holiday Inn included foundations of planning, law and ethics, comprehensive planning, and growth management tools. This “Planning Commission Education Course” is required for all PC Members and Alternates, and is also available on Planning.Maryland.gov website. The second day included “A Better Maryland” interactive session on Maryland’s evolving plan intended to provide a framework for a thriving economy and environmental stewardship. A major highlight of the Conference was the interaction with planning colleagues from all over the State.

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