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The original RFP sent out in July 2018 received only a single response. The Council elected to send out a second request for proposals, relaxing the deadline for completing the work, and two proposals were received: from Rocky Gorge, the original bidder for $29,880, and M. Taylor Enterprise for $16,000. The references provided by both firms consisted of Washington Grove residents.

Questions were asked about the inspection process. Is a County inspection required? Should engineer David Wallace who drew the plans inspect the work, or should Town consultant Doug Lohmeyer conduct the inspection. It was suggested the steel beams should be inspected on delivery. Charlie Challstrom moved to award the contract to M. Taylor, pending a reference check, based on the significantly lower bid. Darrell Anderson seconded the motion.

Vote: 5-0, approved. Charlie Challstrom will follow-up on permit requirements and inspections, and Rob Gilmore will review the contract.

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