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Safety issues were raised concerning the lack of signage for the trial, temporary speed bumps. Bump signs have been installed at the STOP signs where the bumps are located and warning signs will be installed ahead of the bumps. Concern that the trial bumps may violate state standards for public roads generated the following discussion:

  • State law.
  • Substitution of humps for the bumps.
  • Types of humps, speed tables.
  • Future of the speed bump/hump trial; moving the humps to different locations.
  • Efficacy of the trial; positive results on Chestnut Road.
  • Bump replacement by humps on Chestnut Road.
  • Requests for bumps/humps traffic calming on Hickory Road, Grove Road and Brown Street.

Action: Councilor Anderson will research options for temporary humps or speed table purchase.

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