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During the MMC annual meeting on January 23, a short video presentation was shown to highlight MMC operations and how our Town residents can benefit from MMC services. As with other MMC productions, this excellent video is available on YouTube:


We had a lively brainstorming session, including Kensington Mayor Tracey Furman and Somerset Mayor Jeff Slavin, identifying a wide range of programming ideas to appeal to our residents and to improve communications. For instance, involvement of high school students was suggested, perhaps using “It’s Academic” as a model and recruiting retired teachers to guide such a program. MMC has a well-equipped TV production studio in the Kensington Armory. We noted some high schools are teaching video production skills. MMC staff has offered training for our Town residents using MMC equipment, possibly to video our own events for streaming and archive. This MMC information has been shared with the Washington Grove Communications Committee to explore.

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