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Repaving: After approval by the Council in January, AB Veirs and MT Laney Company were contacted to inform them that they were chosen to complete the repaving work for this fiscal year. Contracts were forwarded and are in the process of being returned to the Town. Work will begin in the spring when weather conditions are appropriate.

Speed Hump Trial: One Superior Speed Hump was ordered for placement on Grove Avenue.

Street Lights: The Washington Grove ad hoc Lighting Committee met in January. Robert Johnson accepted the position of Chair. At the meeting, a review of past Town efforts on conversion from incandescent to induction bulbs was presented with a discussion of what will be researched as the Town converts from induction to some other type of bulb. Tasks were divided among members and a second meeting was scheduled for February 20, 7:30 pm, to review task progress. A call was sent via the Yahoo group for additional members of the committee.

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