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Joli A. McCathran, MML Representative March 1, 2019
As I have previously reported, the Maryland Municipal League (MML) Legislative Committee’s sole 2019 priority is the ability of local authority over the installation and location of small cell towers. This is the 5-G “Small Cells” tower installation with goals towards preservation of local authority to site small cellular infrastructure including the ability of a municipality to issue right-of-way access and aesthetics to communities. Actions by the Federal Communication Committee adopted regulations which preempts local governments’ authority in restricting the rights of municipalities for cell tower installation. The installation of such towers is likely to happen on existing telephone poles.

According to MML, a survey was sent to town clerks state-wide asking about ordinances for cell towers. Hopefully Washington Grove responded to this survey. MML reported 90% of towns involved with MML has enacted ordinances regarding installation of cell towers.

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