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Refurbished old Ford tractor: pressure-washed, dismantled engine cover, re-painted the tractor, and re-assembled tractor. Steering column broke on Town truck, repaired and re-installed steering column.

Plowed and sanded the Town streets: cleared sidewalk along Washington Grove Lane during storms using new (Steve manufactured) snow plow. Cut fallen tree branches, clear all storm detritus from roads/avenues and taken to dump.

Pulled out fence posts on Town property at 115 Washington Grove Lane, this action was requested by the Town Council.

Install new speed bump on Grove Road.

Installed refurbished street signs – took down more signs to be refurbished and repaired at 4th Avenue, Center, Hickory/Oak and Maple Road.

Work started to refurbish the kitchen area in the Old Council Room; replacing all kitchen cabinets, countertop, and flooring.

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