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Kitchen Cabinets, Flooring, and Restrooms: The kitchen cabinets and flooring are being replaced this month by Town Maintenance. The same flooring material is being considered for installation in the restrooms and the hallway. If time and workloads allow, there are also plans this month to replace all the linoleum on the walls of the restrooms with beadboard, plus protective wall covering where needed.

Termite Treatment: Now that foundation repairs are complete, including installation of steel floor beams/columns and removal of wooden footers, the soil under the Main Hall will no longer be disturbed. The follow-on pest control treatment will target subterranean termites.

McCathran Hall Cleaning: McCathran Hall cleaning continues in cooperation with SEEC, an organization providing developmental assignments. Mayor Compton authorized extending this hall cleaning job trial period for another 3 months. The “Janitorial Services for McCathran Hall” task summary was updated to reflect modified floor treatment methods for the wood floors. Ongoing performance evaluation and feedback are an important aspect of this cleaning program.

McCathran Hall Lighting Upgrades: Most of the halogen and compact florescent light bulbs have been replaced with LED bulbs. Those remaining to be converted are the dimmable bulbs in the Main Hall overhead tracks, and the four hardwired bulbs over the Council Room table. While saving significant energy, this conversion to LED bulbs should also greatly reduce the difficult task of replacing flood lights in the Main Hall ceiling cans.

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