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The Lake Committee held its first meeting of the new season on March 21st. Several activities are planned to prepare the Lake for seasonal use. Maintenance tasks include repairing holes in the lake fence between gate and sheds; re-install video surveillance equipment before Lake opens on Memorial Day; rototill the beach sand. An annual Lake Clean-Up is scheduled on April 27th in conjunction with the West Woods Clean-up.

NatureWorksCWA will be contacted for algae & Pond weed control starting in early May; and Water Testing Labs will conduct water testing for coliforms monthly from June to August; the diving board will be set up on June 14th (first day of summer vacation). The Committee is recruiting for lifeguards and a swim instructor. The Mayor and Committee chair will meet with MCPD to schedule random patrols several times weekly in late May and early June prior to seasonal opening.

A pair of Canada Geese have arrived at Maple Lake. We will be using the HSUS’s protocol again to humanely addle eggs to prevent from hatching this spring.

The next Lake Committee meeting will be on Thursday, April 18, 2019.

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