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Generator Visual/Noise Screen: Town Maintenance has completed installation of visual and noise screening around the new stand-by generator, stained to match the exterior siding of the main building, as approved by the Maryland Historical Trust.

Termite Treatment: To follow up the installation of steel floor beams/columns and removal of wooden footers, the soil under the Main Hall has been treated for termites.

Kitchen Cabinets, Flooring, and Restrooms: Installation is complete for the new cabinets, countertop, sink, and flooring in the kitchenette. More of the same flooring material has been purchased for installation in the restrooms and the hallway. Steve expects to work on the restrooms and hallway flooring when these areas are less busy. The later restroom work will include installing beadboard on the walls plus protective wall covering where needed.

McCathran Hall Cleaning and Floor Restoration: McCathran Hall cleaning continues in cooperation with SEEC, an organization providing developmental assignments. Mayor Compton authorized extending this hall cleaning job trial period until about mid-May. The preferred cleaning methods for the large wood floor in the Main Hall have been updated to prepare for the floor restoration. On Monday, April 22, Hawkins Floor Company will begin with sanding, staining, and applying protective layers of polyurethane in the Main Hall, and the Main Hall will not be available for use for approximately 1 week. Activities have been rescheduled or moved to alternative locations.

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