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The Lake Committee held its final meeting of this year on October 18, 2018.
Preparations this fall included: (1) the dock was pressure-washed and stained, (2) vegetation along the lake edge between the dock, beach and on the island was trimmed, (3) the lake drain was opened on October 10th using the newly fixed PVC pipes and drawn down by 5-6 feet in time for the October 20th work session.

Town maintenance and helpers replaced the Lake Bridge by the inner gate using a 4.5-foot diameter corrugated steel pipe surrounded by concrete and re-bar with a cement and dirt road-way on top. Hand rails were installed on both sides of the bridge. The new culvert worked very well during the heavy rain the week of Nov. 5th.

A Lake clean-up work session was held on October 20, 2018. The toy bin was cleaned and organized, trash removed around the lake, the lowered lake was probed with a grappling hook for any submerged obstacles off the dock – none were found, and a possible path from the lake enclosure near old pump house to Maple Spring was explored. It looks possible without having to elevate it above the wetlands. The Lake Committee recommended the Woods Committee to take the lead on Maple Spring restoration.

Three new American Holly trees (4-5 feet high) from Stadler were planted along the edge of the grass just beyond the life guard’s shed towards the old pump gate. Pending repairs include installing barbed-wire along the top of the new fence by Newport estates and fixing broken fence between the gate and outflow.

The next Committee member meeting is Feb/March 21 2019.

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