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Repaving: At the December Council meeting, bids were opened and discussed. A decision was made to contact references submitted by AB Veirs and MTY Laney Company. A discussion was held regarding the possible awarding two bids for work to be started in the spring if references for both companies are positive. A decision will be made at the January meeting on awarding the bids. I contacted references and found both companies to be exemplary.
Speed Hump Trial: Based on discussion and decisions at the December Council meeting, I submitted information for a Superior Speed Hump to the Treasurer. Steve and I met and discussed moving the current speed humps at Oak Street and Chestnut Road to Hickory Road. However, we must order the hardware for the new placement. This may be accomplished by the end of January. We also decided on placement of the new speed hump on Grove Road. Posts will have to be installed on the sides of the speed hump to eliminate the ability to go around them.
Street Lights: Residents who showed an interest on participating on the ad hoc Lighting Committee were contacted. A proposed Chair and members will be presented at the January meeting. It is anticipated that the first meeting will be held the week of January 14.

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