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The test bumps on Chestnut Road have now been installed for about three (3) months and have been effective. Requests for bumps or humps on Hickory Road, Grove Road and Brown Street have been received. Darrell Anderson discussed three (3) types of humps that may be appropriate to our needs (standard hump, superior hump, a speed table). The Mayor and Council discussed the following:

  • Safety of bumps and humps.
  • Replacing the test bumps at Chestnut Road STOP signs with “standard” humps.
  • Efficacy of various hump types.
  • Moving the current test bumps at STOP signs on Hickory Road.
  • The most affective placement of humps: at STOP signs or between STOP signs.
  • Placement and location of a “standard” hump on Grove Road.

Action: A trial of a movable hump was approved, and the Town will purchase and install one (1) “superior hump”. Further humps will be considered after evaluating how well it functions.

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